My Fifteen Milliseconds of Fame

Previously I wrote about some intellectual property advice that I had the opportunity to give to actor/writer/director Corbin Bernsen, regarding a trademark matter connected to the film 25 Hill, which was made here in Ohio.  The film, which features a fictional story line, was conceived and created to support a very real cause: saving the All American Soap Box Derby, a longstanding tradition which has fallen on difficult times in recent years.  A little over a year has passed and I’m pleased to report that Corbin and his team have successfully raised a great deal of money for the Derby and, perhaps more importantly, substantial public awareness within our community and beyond.  The big news is that the world premier was held right here in Akron, Ohio, last night.

My wife served as associate producer of the film and master of ceremonies for the premier, which drew over 2,000 people on its opening night.  Celebrities walked the red carpet, friends of the film dined on fancy hors d’ oeuvres provided by local caterers, and after a short introduction by Corbin, we all enjoyed the film at the gorgeous Akron Civic Theater.  The film was excellent and I confess that I enjoyed a little thrill every time I saw the main character’s soap box car up on the big screen, bearing the moniker that was the product of my conversation with Corbin and his production staff.  It is a rare privilege to see a little contribution manifested so dramatically.  My part, of course, was utterly insignificant compared to the many hours that the production staff (including my wife) dedicated to making this special film. It was really something to Kelleigh’s name up on the big screen in giant letters during the opening credits.  Kudos to her and the rest of the team!

Photo courtesy of Rick Groves | Todd Biss Photography

My own credit may have been slightly less noticeable.


2 thoughts on “My Fifteen Milliseconds of Fame

  1. Thanks so much for the photo credit, Jude!! …and by the way, it would appear that your credit was just about the same size as mine (but who’s measuring, right?)

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